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Jump to: navigation, search is currently the home of some existing and upcoming reinforcement learning projects, listed below. The plan is that this website and domain are open for people in the community to use to help advertise and distribute their projects.

You are free to create pages within this site, or to make your own site, just as we have done with and others.

This site is a wiki, so just create an account and start making changes! (I had spam pages within the first hour of launching the new site when anonymous edits were allowed).

Note: The internet is a horrible and scary place, full of robots and scripts that love to deface nice pages like ours. So, for now, until someone else has time to come up with an approval system, please e-mail if you would like an account and I will create one for you gladly. Sorry.

We also are offering e-mail accounts and the ability to set up Google Sites at For more information, or to get an e-mail account, contact:

Also, if you want to keep up to date on what is happening in the reinforcement learning community, we recommend that you join the Reinforcement Learning Mailing List:

Contents Projects


A standard interface for connecting reinforcement learning agents, environments, and experiments, written in various languages running on various platforms.


A repository for RL-Glue Compatible Agents, Environments, and Experiment programs.


The RL-Logbook is intended to simplify the task of reproducing and comparing experimental results in reinforcement learning.


More information coming soon.

Other Reinforcement Learning Projects and Events

Call For Papers List

The reinforcement-learning Call-For-Papers list contains upcoming deadlines for conferences, workshops, and journals that are accepting reinforcement-learning research topics. It is managed by the Machine Intelligence Lab (MIL) at the University of Tennessee.

Multidisciplinary Symposium on Reinforcement Learning 2009

A meeting to celebrate and exchange information among the many fields of reinforcement learning.

2009 Reinforcement Learning Competition

The annual competition for reinforcement learning agents.

This year's website:

General RL-Competition information:

Your Project Here!

Get in touch and you can list your project here too!

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