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This page was proposed on the RL-List and members of the community seemed eager to jump in and create a resource listing some of successes of reinforcement learning! Feel free to start filling it in!

ATTENTION: This page is under construction and is expected to stay so forever:)



RL Applications page on Csaba Szepesvári's website, listing papers describing recent engineering/OR applications (+ a bunch of random others); the corresponding bib file Some of he application areas that come up in this list include:

  • Networking (dynamic channel allocation, call admission control, QoS routing, rate control, call routing in call centers, underwater routing, power control, adaptive waveform selection in cognitive radio, ..)
  • Taxi-out time prediction for aircrafts
  • Recovering the components of a signal
  • OR problems: Supply chain management, inventory control, asset management, airline yield management, preventive maintenance schedule optimization
  • Sensor networks (sensor management)
  • Autonomic management (web service optimization, load balancing, grid scheduling, power control, adaptive algorithms)
  • Traffic control (urban, freeway, train traffic disturbance rejection)
  • Control of automotive engines (fuel efficiency, hybrid vehicles, ..)
  • Robotics (visual navigation, control of snake-like robots, autonomous underwater cable tracking, micromanipulation, path tracking, vibration isolation, learning movement primitives, stair climbing gait for humanoids, RoboCup keepaway soccer, ..)
  • Aircraft autolander, morphing control of aircraft, helicopter control, altitude control of aircraft, Temperature profile control of a high-speed aerospace vehicle
  • Natural language dialogue management
  • Process control (bioreactors, chemical reactors)
  • Object recognition - control of search
  • Pricing of financial derivatives
  • Power systems (damping of oscillations, economic power dispatching, )
  • Training of brain-machine interfaces
  • Natural language processing (more generally, discriminative fitting of generative models for structured prediction problems)
  • Disaster policy optimization
  • Optimization of off-chip DRAM bandwidth utilization
  • Learning time allocation in games
  • Gas turbine control
  • Andrew Ng's page has a number of cool applications
  • Warren Powell and his CASTLE lab is looking at various applications in operations research
  • Peter Stone's page (RoboCup,..)
  • UCT, a planning algorithm coming from the RL community revolutionarizes how computers play Go
  • Real cart-pole balancing with a cool video; the RL algorithm learns in 2 and a half minute
  • Satinder Singh's similar page on Successes of RL
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